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ShibaStar – A New Memecoin Launching through a Fair Launch on PinkSale Soon

The crypto memecoin niche has taken the space by storm over the years. One of its upcoming new entries, ShibaStar, promises to bring a new approach to the crypto world.

This project is promising not to take itself too seriously with the aim of “seriously delivering,” as the founders mentioned. In this article, we will explore ShibaStar, its proposed tokenomics, and its ambitious roadmap for the future. 

What Is ShibaStar?

ShibaStar is a new crypto token designed to bring together the exciting world of cryptocurrency with memes’ humorous elements. It’s an easy-to-use token providing users with a new opportunity to become part of the next big thing in crypto-mania. 

ShibaStar wants to be your ticket to financial freedom, proposing a journey that is accessible and enjoyable. Looking back at famous meme coins, the team believes it’s a chance to benefit from this niche hype. 

The Project’s Tokenomics

ShibaStar tokenomics ensures early access to the project’s tokens, with the majority (65%) released through a fair launch on PinkSale. This allows everyone, regardless of their experience in crypto, an opportunity to become a ShibaStar token holder. 

3% of the tokens will go to the ShibaStar team. This portion will be a reward and motivation for the founders’ hard work building the project. The team will allocate 5% of the tokens to interactive community events and activities, such as games, contests, and rewards. 

14% are allocated to Centralized Exchanges (CEX) to ensure liquidity and accessibility across major platforms. Finally, 13% of tokens are set aside for private sale. This choice allows early supporters and investors to join the ShibaStar story from the ground up. 

ShibaStar’s Tax System

ShibaStar features a simple buy-and-sell tax system to ensure sustainable growth. Specifically, here is what you can expect:

  • Buy tax of 1%
  • Sell tax of 2%.

We often observe that the tax on sales is higher than that on purchases in crypto. The strategy intends to reduce the selling pressure and to support long-term investment.

These small fees are important to the team’s overall growth plan. The proceeds will let ShibaStar continue developing and innovating, maintain strong security, and stay ahead of the cryptocurrency universe. 

The Team’s Detailed Roadmap

ShibaStar has a plan with six steps. Each step tells the market what the team intends to do in that part of the plan. Let us look into all these phases in the subsections below.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the ShibaStar roadmap included the creation of a token and the launching of a website. 

Social media channels will go live to increase engagement with members and build a strong ShibaStar community. This initial phase is essential for laying a strong foundation for the project and creating an engaged fanbase. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 of ShibaStar’s roadmap will allow early adopters to buy in and become part of the adventure. The token presale will be available, making these tokens easily accessible to everyone.

ShibaStar will go live on major cryptocurrency exchanges, creating further liquidity. To draw in users, the team will hold numerous online and offline community events, strengthening bonds within the ShibaStar family. 

Phase 3

ShibaStar’s roadmap focuses on expanding partnerships, releasing the ShibaStar Wallet, and implementing token staking. Concerning partnerships, the goal is to collaborate with key players in the crypto space to boost ShibaStar’s growth. 

The ShibaStar Wallet will let users easily store, manage and trade their tokens securely. Finally, token staking will allow the project community to earn added rewards. 

Phase 4

ShibaStar’s roadmap will culminate with the launch of an NFT Marketplace, a platform designed specifically for trading and creating NFTs. This platform combines the best of both worlds – crypto and digital art. The project offers an exciting new way to experience digital assets. 

The project has plans to engage in charitable endeavors, too. The founders want to use their platform and resources to make a difference in the lives of others. They’ll strive to give back to the global community through impactful charity projects.

Finally, ShibaStar will extend its reach by listing on additional exchanges. With more listings come increased accessibility. This mechanism allows even more people than ever before to access and benefit from the ShibaStar tokens. 

Phase 5

Phase 5 of the ShibaStar roadmap looks to expand the reach and utility of its token. This will be possible by enhancing the token’s utility in the DeFi dimension. 

To further strengthen the ShibaStar community, global meetups will happen in several cities around the globe. With Phase 5, ShibaStar aims to be a major player in the crypto space and beyond. 

Phase 6

The last phase of ShibaStar’s roadmap is “To Infinity.” This phase represents the culmination of the team’s efforts, aiming to make ShibaStar a global leader in the crypto space. ShibaStar’s founders expect this phase to feature an increased presence and recognition within the crypto community.

The team plans to expand its product suite and service offerings, further developing its ecosystem to best serve its users. 

Final Thoughts – A Memecoin Promising Serious Intentions

ShibaStar’s buy and sell tax is a strategic move to ensure the platform’s growth. Users can enjoy their journey into cryptocurrency with minimal taxes, while ShibaStar has sufficient funds for development, security, and innovation. 

The team’s detailed roadmap outlines its ambitious plans to become an industry leader in the meme coin niche. You may visit the project’s official website and social media pages (Twitter & Telegram) for more information about ShibaStar or its mission.

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