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LAY3RZ to Unveil a Multi-Function NFT Platform on Tezos

LAY3RZ is excited to announce the launch of its innovative NFT platform on the Tezos blockchain. This platform allows users to create and manage their collections without writing code. 

LAY3RZ has been in development for some time and is now available on testnet. The testnet feature lets users experiment with all the different capabilities of the platform.

New Features Coming to the NFT Market

Many features are coming to the LAY3RZ platform, making it an attractive option for NFT collectors. 

Each collection on the platform will stand out with its custom smart contract and minting page. On the minting page, investors can learn everything about a project before deciding to mint NFTs. The page will also include a breakdown of attributes and their rarities. 

LAY3RZ will automatically provide automated image, metadata, and attributes/traits generation (which supports rarities) for each collection. This will take much of the complexity out of minting NFTs and save developers a lot of resources. 

All collections on LAY3RZ will support a sophisticated royalties system. Creators will earn revenue from secondary marketplace sales or distribute rewards to the first minter of each NFT. 

LAY3RZ will support whitelisting, allowing project creators to give their most loyal investors a favorable deal. 

The platform will also automatically provide revenue-sharing smart contracts for the holders within each collection. This infrastructure will allow builders to reward their holders and provide a return on investment quickly.

These new features make LAY3RZ a sophisticated platform for minting NFTs that will empower builders to create the next generation of NFT projects. 

A New NFT Marketplace under Development

While the NFT marketplace is still developing, the team revealed several features that will be available to users. For instance, the platform will support royalties set by the collection’s creators. 

The marketplace will also allow NFT traders to execute various basic and advanced strategies. Among these, the team mentioned direct listings, offers, and Dutch auctions.

What’s more, the platform will take a 2% fee from each successful secondary sale. These fees will help the team support the platform’s infrastructure. Moreover, they will let them fund the development of new features. The team also anticipates using the proceeds to launch community events and competitions related to the world of NFTs. 

About LAY3RZ

LAY3RZ is entering the market as the go-to platform for no-code NFT minting and trading. The project is coming to the Tezos blockchain with a mission to empower builders. Specifically, the team wishes to provide the most sophisticated NFT infrastructure. This would allow developers to focus their time and efforts on the utility behind their projects. 

The team is currently developing the platform. It is available on testnet, and users can already try most of its available features. Anyone wishing to learn more about LAY3RZ may consider visiting the project’s website and the social pages below.

Twitter | Discord

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