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HyperproAI – A Project Changing Blockchain with AI and Multiple Features

The potential of blockchain and AI technology to revolutionize how we live, work, and think is undeniable. HyperproAI is a project that harnesses this power, aiming to create an AI-enhanced platform. The platform intends to offer superior usability while progressing toward true artificial general intelligence.

Through its features, presale, utility application, and roadmap, HyperproAI looks intends to make waves in the industry. Let’s look at what this project offers to the crypto community.

What Is HyperproAI?

HyperproAI combines blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a system with superior current-day usable AI functionality.

It also offers new features and methods of earning more cryptocurrency and reviving its usability through its decentralized exchange. With the ongoing presale of its native token, HPO, HyperproAI is attracting the crypto community’s attention.

The Project’s Vision and Mission

HyperproAI is a platform that allows crypto enthusiasts to explore the potential of artificial intelligence. The project’s vision and mission are to create a complete suite of professional DeFi applications using AI.

The team wants to capitalize on the industry’s expansion and give customers access to institutional-level cryptography technologies.

HyperproAI aims to be the driving ecosystem behind blockchain, crypto, NFTs, marketplaces, and artificial intelligence. This team is developing a large AI community to generate working income for its participants and investors.

Furthermore, HyperproAi seeks to give industries low-cost private, secure, high-performance computing power to expedite development in AI.

This team intends to solve common problems the community faces by providing a safe and secure environment for users.

Understanding HyperproAI Through Its Features

HyperproAI is a platform that provides users with access to low-cost, private, and secure high-performance computing power.

It enables automated trading strategies based on key metrics and order types. This allows users to interact with these services through a web interface abstracting all the complexity in invoking them.

With HyperproAI’s decentralization framework, the team creates the foundation for web3 development. The platform intends to give various industries more efficient ways of maximizing output from decentralized exchanges.

Users can test the waters with a minimal understanding of the markets by giving the crypto community automated trading strategies. The platform lets anyone select their key metrics to create a safe and secure environment for trading.

The project’s AI marketplace allows users to access services and resources listed on the platform. This includes a finite number of free API calls, pricing information, and reputation rankings. Additionally, users can pay directly for additional services using HPO tokens or fiat currency via Paypal integration.

The Project’s Roadmap

An intuitive way to understand what HyperproAI aims to achieve is to look at the team’s roadmap. The project started in Q4 2022, with the idea and conceptualization of the product. In Q1 2023, the team completed the development of a whitepaper, brand identity, website, and more.

Currently, the team is working on launching the smart contract on mainnet and completing its ongoing presale.

The next quarter will bring more milestones with the launch of HPO NFTs and the HPO token. In the dedicated section, we will share more details on the project’s cryptocurrency and the team’s tokenomics.

The year will end with multiple exchange listings and PR campaigns for the project’s NFT collection and HPO coin. At this point, the team will probably be ready to update its roadmap. HyperproAI’s social media pages will share more news on the matter in the future.

The HPO Token

As mentioned in the roadmap section, the HyperproAI team is issuing its native token, HPO. This token aims to incentivize users that join the platform and create an economy of value around the project.

The subsections below will discuss the three fundamental aspects you should know about HPO:

  • The token allocation
  • The ongoing HPO presale
  • The project’s token utility.

The Token Allocation

HPO is a decentralized, blockchain-based digital asset with a total supply of 2 billion tokens. The token allocation intends to build a balanced and strong economic structure to create sustainable liquidity in the HPO ecosystem:

  • 50% of the tokens will go to ICO/Presale. This choice allows HyperproAI to build a strong user base in its early stages.
  • The team will use 10% of the tokens to give users enough liquidity options to make transactions easier.
  • HyperproAI will allocate 20% of tokens as staking rewards. This incentivizes users to hold onto their tokens and to help support the ecosystem through network stability.
  • Advisory is essential in this sector, and the project will allocate 2% of tokens to this purpose.
  • 5% of tokens will help fund marketing efforts to promote awareness of the HyperproAI platform and its services.
  • The platform will allocate 10% of tokens to governance, allowing users to decide on key decisions in the project’s network.
  • Finally, the remaining 3%of tokens will go to Airdrops. This choice intends to boost the project’s market reach in its initial steps.

It is also essential to mention that the team’s whitepaper features a 2% transaction tax. These proceeds will go directly to the DAO wallet for voting purposes, compensating members of the HyperproAI DAO.

Here’s a video of how it works:

This token allocation strives to create a healthy balance between liquidity and sustainability in the HyperproAI network. The team hopes that this structure will help ensure that users can access all the benefits of using the platform.

The Project’s Presale

Crypto enthusiasts can access the HPO ongoing presale from the project’s website. Buying HPO tokens with either ETH, USDT ,BNB (bsc) or a card is possible.

In order to purchase HPO tokens, users must first connect their wallets. Once connected to the MetaMask wallet, click ‘Connect Wallet’ and select the appropriate option. For mobile, select ‘Wallet Connect’ to connect your device. There will then be three options to choose from:

  1. Buy ETH with a card: Users can purchase ETH through the project’s partner Transak, then exchange their ETH for HPO tokens.
  2. Buy HPO with ETH: With sufficient ETH in the user’s wallet, they can exchange their ETH for HPO tokens.
  3. Buy HPO with USDT: Alternatively, users can choose to purchase HPO tokens with USDT.
  4. Buy HPO with BNB(BSC20): worried about the gas fee on the erc20 network? HPO can be purchased using BnB, kindly click “BUY WITH BNB” on the presale portal, a prompt to switch network will appear, simply approve. Ensure you have atleast 20usd worth of BNB, type in the amount , and exchange your BnB with HPO tokens.

NOTE: for mobile users, upon swapping, kindly log into your trust wallet to manually approve purchase call to ensure a successful purchase

Referral: investors can also earn passive income by referring friends and family to purchase the HPO token via their referral link

Once the presale ends, users must visit the project’s website and click the ‘Claim’ button to claim their purchased tokens. They may need to pay a small gas fee to claim their tokens.

NOTE: It is worthy to note that the hyperproAI team is introducing a 20% welcome purchase bonus upon purchase of their token

Token Utility

The HyperproAI network relies on the HPO Token as its main currency for transactions and staking. This token lets anyone pay for services within the network. It serves as a reward for users contributing to the project’s growth while providing incentives for participation in governance decisions.

Users can increase their holdings by earning additional tokens from rewards by staking their tokens. Staked tokens also serve a second purpose: they make up part of the liquidity pool that allows fiat-to-HPO exchanges on the back end of the fiat-crypto gateway.

In exchange for providing these locked tokens, stakeholders receive bonus HPO Tokens based on how long they stake them.

Governance is another fundamental purpose of the HPO Token. All important decisions, like network economics or design changes, need to be voted upon by token holders. The number of votes each stakeholder holds depends on the amount of staked tokens and the benefit quality ratings.

This governance system aims to achieve real decentralization and create a functioning DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). This can only be possible if token holders have the incentive to participate in network operations and governance.

By utilizing the HPO Token, HyperproAI intends to provide these incentives while ensuring that decisions happen democratically. This choice aims to ensure the network remains healthy and growing while providing users with a secure and transparent platform.

Application of HyperproAI to Various Industries

The project’s whitepaper points out two potential applications of HyperproAI in real-life scenarios. Let’s begin with the tourism industry.

With the help of AI-powered nodes, tourists can easily find and explore tourist attractions and entertainment in a new area. Moreover, when travelers reach their destination, they can automatically collect token rewards that they can exchange for real-world fiat currencies.

The second application is in the realm of real estate investing. HyperproAI simplifies purchasing real estate assets with a low investment requirement. It makes it possible to start building a property portfolio that earns a passive income with a small initial investment.

Its DAO gives consumers the tools and decentralized financial solutions for investing in real estate like institutional and high-net-worth investors.

HyperproAI can work in many other industries, such as finance, healthcare, and education. Its AI-powered platform provides users with access to a wide range of services that can support their day-to-day activities.

Bottom Line – A Project Launching with High Ambitions

In a nutshell, HyperproAI is an ambitious project that aims to facilitate access to real-world services through its decentralized network. The project seeks to make these services available to all users through AI and blockchain technology.

Its HPO Token offers users several incentives for participating in the network’s governance and staking rewards. At the same time, its DAO empowers users to benefit from real-world investments through a low investment requirement.

The ongoing HPO presale allows users to contribute to the project and become early adopters. With a promising whitepaper and real-world applications, many investors have the opportunity to find something new in HyperproAI.

Anyone wishing to know more about HyperproAI can visit its website and the below social media pages.

Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Presale

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