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Arbixel Opens the Minting Phase for Its Genesis NFT Collection

Arbixel, a new project working to be the intersection of DeFi and GameFi, has an important announcement for its community. The platform has recently opened the minting phase for its Genesis NFT collection.

The team behind Arbixel is a fully-doxxed group from Finland and Estonia. These founders have ambitious plans to create a thrilling play-to-earn platform with vibrant NFTs.

With their strategic gameplay, users can turn real-world rewards into exciting adventures in blockchain gaming. The tokenomics of Arbixel creates liquidity, rewards existing holders with USDT, and provides funding for development and marketing.

The Role of NFTs in the Arbixel Ecosystem

Arbixel will feature two NFT collections: “Genesis” and “Bixel.” The Genesis collection will consist of 512 pieces with special abilities. Among these, it’s possible to mention boosted stake & earn, play & earn, and increased in-game earnings.

bixel token

In addition, these NFTs will also provide access to alpha game releases and limited in-game items & NFT airdrops.

Meanwhile, the Bixel collection will be a regular play-to-earn (P2E) collection. These tokens will provide access to stake & earn, play & earn, alpha game releases, and increased in-game earnings.

These NFTs are the foundation of the Arbixel ecosystem, providing players with unique advantages to enhance their gaming experience. As such, they will become essential components for any serious gamer interested in exploring Arbixel’s potential.

The minting phase of the Genesis NFTs is live on Arbixel’s website. This operation enables anyone to join the project and start earning with a small purchase of Bixel tokens.

A Fully-Doxxed Team with Ambitious Plans

Ren, Miki, Truunik, and Nervanti form the founding team of the project. All four have extensive experience in their respective fields:

  • Ren has eight years of experience in marketing for multimillion-dollar companies.
  • Miki has ten years of experience in entrepreneurship and scaling businesses and three years in coding.
  • Truunik has six years of community building and content creation, having been part of web3 since late 2016.
  • Nervanti is an automation engineer with 20+ years of game development experience.

The team has completed KYC through SolidProof, ensuring to meet each investor’s trust.

The project’s native token will have a supply of 1 billion units, with the following percentages triggered by each transaction:

  •  2% of the funds will go to increase the project’s liquidity
  •  2% will represent USDT rewards for token holders
  • 2% will go to the development and marketing team to foster the growth of this initiative.

This plan adds to the logic proposed by the team’s mini-games to reward the project’s community. All Arbixel purchases will allocate 80% of the funds to a prize pool rewarding the top 7 players each week. The remaining tokens will fund game development (15%) and enter a burning mechanism (5%).

With plans to transform the project into an Ethereum-Binance cross-chain system, crypto enthusiasts will watch Arbixel’s future developments.

About Arbixel

Arbixel is a new intersection of DeFi and GameFi, providing players with an exciting play-to-earn platform. It offers vibrant NFTs and a chance to turn strategic gameplay into real-world rewards. With Arbixel, users can embark on a new adventure and be part of the future of blockchain gaming.

The mission of Arbixel is to build an ecosystem for play2earn games with a large community. The goal is to create an economy and environment where games are fun, and earning is possible.

With the launch of Genesis NFTs, Arbixel’s future is in the hands of its community. Arbixel’s ambition is clear: becoming a hub for gamers looking to experience the thrill of play-to-earn.

Furthermore, the team is ready to help other communities complete their game development process. In this case, the newly-born game would become part of Arbixel’s ecosystem.

Arbixel’s website and the social media pages below contain more information about this new crypto initiative.

Telegram | Twitter | Discord

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