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AI Meme (AIM) – A New Step in the Fusion of Memes and AI Technology

As the meme culture continues to thrive, AI Meme (AIM) brings a groundbreaking concept: the fusion of memes and AI technology. This innovative project promises to transform static internet characters into dynamic, interactive entities with personalities and emotions. 

Spearheaded by Jogo Media LTD, AIM’s transparent approach and commitment to excellence aim to many. Specifically, the team wants to target those looking to be part of the future of digital entertainment. So what exactly is AIM, its features, token economy, presale information, and roadmap? Let’s delve into the details of this new project.  

What Is AI Meme (AIM)?

AI Meme, abbreviated as AIM, transforms user interaction and AI technology with a touch of fun using memes. It begins as a mobile application, allowing users to communicate and have fun with the meme-based AI. 

As the vision of AIM expands, this team wishes to build a future with interactive holographic reality. Here, users will experience personalized interaction with their Meme AIs, like dear friends assisting in work and answering questions.

AIM takes personalization a step further with AI NFTs, offering the option to purchase unique Meme AIs with distinguishing features. These purchases are made via the aimeme.AI portal using AI MEME coins, introducing a deflationary aspect to the token system.

The Meme AIs utility extends beyond mere interaction, enabling users to engage in upcoming games developed by Jogo Media LTD. Meme AIs are customizable, allowing users to equip them with various utilities, enhancing engagement and personalization. 

How Does AIM Present Itself in the Web3 World?

The goal of the AIM project is to combine memes with AI technology, allowing for real-time interaction and community input. Trust and transparency are at the project’s core with the rise of new forms of digital entertainment. 

The platform also offers an NFT marketplace, staking opportunities, and a deflationary mechanism for sustainable token value. Additionally, the project operates as a decentralized autonomous organization model for transparency and community involvement. 

According to its team, other meme coins may lack purpose or usefulness compared to AIM’s innovative features. The lack of transaction taxes sets AIM apart, potentially attracting investors looking for a different approach in the Web3 world. 

The Project’s Token

The AIMeme coin, AIM, makes a bold entry with a total token supply of 1 billion. AIM takes stability seriously, locking away 100 million coins for two years to maintain smooth, rhythmic trading. 

500 million tokens are localized for the preselling that is going now on the website.

The project’s stakeholders (“Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron Team”) hold 200 million coins. The remaining 200 million AIM tokens go to exchange listings.

How Does the Team Spend Your Money?

There are several ways in which the AIM team will use the funds provided by investors:

  • Research and Development: The funds will help AIM assemble a team of experienced developers working full-time on the project’s development.
  • Expansion and Growth: A portion of the budget will go towards expanding the project’s team, infrastructure, and functionality to support its growth.
  • Marketing and Promotion: The AIM project plans to use some funds for marketing and promotion to increase its visibility and attract more users.
  • Research Partnerships: Collaborations with leading academic institutions will ensure that the project continually evolves and improves.
  • Exchange Listings: A portion of the funds will allow the team to pay the fees for listing AIM on various exchanges. These expenses are necessary for making AIM accessible to a wider audience. 

The AIM team is committed to utilizing the funds effectively for the development and success of the project. Transparency and community involvement ensure that all decisions align with the best interests of the AIM ecosystem. AIM wants to become a significant player in the emerging sectors of memes and AI within the Web3 world.  

All the Relevant Information about the Token Presale

The project’s website lists five presale phases, each offering a different price per token. 

In Stage 1, investors can buy 100 million AIM at $0.005 each, potentially reaching a total investment of $500,000. Here, the team highlights the possibility of becoming “potential new billionaires.” 

During Stage 2, the price doubles to $0.01 per token, offering investors a chance to purchase the same amount of AIM at a value of $1 million. The company notes that this could make some “new millionaires.” 

In Stage 3, the price increases again to $.02 per token, with a potential volume of $2 million. Stage 4 sees an increase to $0.04 per token, with trading volumes now reaching $4 million. By this point, investors may feel pressure to jump in before it’s too late. 

Finally, Stage 5 offers the last opportunity to purchase tokens for $0.08 each, potentially resulting in an $8 million token allocation. The team emphasizes the urgency by stating that this is the “last call” and that the “train is leaving.” 

What Can We Expect from AIM? A Look at the Project’s Roadmap

Another essential aspect of AIM’s project is its roadmap, outlining the company’s plans for growth and development. Let’s look at what we can expect from AIM in the upcoming years.  


In Q3 2023, the AIM team expects to launch the project coin by engaging in a 5-stage presale process. AIM will also build a community of supporters, investors, and AI lovers who share the team’s vision during this time. 

In Q4 2023, the staking platform will go live, allowing token holders to earn interest on their AIM coins. The project will also introduce NFT AI sales through a portal where users can purchase Meme AIs with varying characteristics. 

The token will appear on multiple exchanges to increase accessibility and reach a wider audience. With these developments, AIM aims to continue its journey toward becoming a leading player in the AI meme industry.  

2024 and Beyond

In Q2 2024, Meme AI maps out an exciting journey. The personal assistant service introduction will revolutionize daily routines. Concurrently, the Crazy meme metaverse goes online, creating a virtual world. 

The educational service launch opens doors to learning with Meme AIs. A unique physical health service is also in the pipeline, promising interactive mental health management.

Q3 2024 continues the momentum. A language translation service will offer real-time translations, harnessing the power of natural language processing. The release of Meme AI games will come with strong community involvement. The Meme AI SDK development will also empower developers to custom-create and integrate their Meme AIs.

Q4 2024 envisions a Star Wars-inspired interactive holographic reality. The plan is to make this a reality for Meme AIs.

Moving into Q1 2025, releasing a hefty 100,000,000 tokens is on the horizon. As we look beyond 2024, the AI Memes roadmap paints a vibrant future filled with potential and innovation.

Final Thoughts – A New Era of Meme-Based AI Technology

AI Meme (AIM) is a new project working towards integrating AI and memes, revolutionizing how we interact with both. 

AIM’s unique roadmap and transparent use of funds promise development and success in Web3 memes and AI. To stay updated on AIM’s progress, you may visit their website and follow their social media pages below.

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